I hired an amazing photographer. Why do I need a wedding video?

It's true; a picture is worth a thousand words. You're going to love your wedding pictures! However, with video you can see the perfect moments captured by picture unfold before your eyes. Trust us, when you see your wedding video you'll be overwhelmed. In a good way! And tears. There might be tears.

How long do you shoot for?

We have several packages to choose from. Most of them offer full day coverage!

How do you get audio?

Several ways! We have little mics (called "lavalier" or lav for short) that you'll wear which ensure nothing is ever missed. Don't worry! Nobody will see them. Also, we work with your DJ in advance of the wedding so that we can grab a feed from their mixer during the reception (and ceremony if applicable) to ensure we don't miss any toast or speeches

When do we get to see our video(s)?

We guarantee your music video will be available online to watch three weeks after your wedding with your DVD or Blu-Ray a day or two behind in the mail!

Can we share it online?

Yes! We would love for everyone to see your beautiful wedding. We'll even share it on our blog!

What is the music video?

The music video is the centerpiece of several of our packages. It highlights the best moments of your day and is perfect for sharing with your friends and family. It's a highlight video that is edited to tell the story of your day. Seriously, you're going to want to watch this over and over again. Check out some examples here!

How are songs picked for our video(s)?

For the documentary length video, all the music recorded from your wedding (reception and ceremony) will be included as it is played during those moments as it is considered to fall under "fair use" of music.

For the music video, we use licensed music through themusicbed.com and songfreedom.com. Using licensed music ensures that you can share your video online with friends and family. You can check out some tracks from the mentioned sites, but we recommend leaving the songs in our hands.

Do you offer any add ons?

We do! Add ons line an engagement video or coverage of your rehearsal dinner are available.

Last question. Will you shoot our wedding already?!

Yes! We highly encourage it. Like...it might be the best decision you ever make (besides saying "I do" of course)! Let's get started!